Anymile Clothing is brought to you by Michael Forbes and Armando Ozuna of Detroit, MI.  Entrepreneurs at heart, Armando and Michael Co/founded Anymile Clothing, a Michigan culture brand that encourages social and economic change in and around Metro Detroit by working with local organizations and charities to engage the general public about these issues through their brand “Anymile” (a play off the Eight Mile thoroughfare in Detroit).

Michael has always had a passion for art and design which led him to study at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit where he focused on Product Design (BFA). By leveraging Michael’s talent for design and Armando’s natural entrepreneurial spirit these two Michigan natives continue to execute their vision by bringing purpose to the products they create.The goal and ambition of Anymile Clothing is to make a positive contribution to the Metro Detroit area. Rather than just talking about donations of time, money, or both, Anymile Clothing as a company drives toward the change we wish to see in this area. Rather than promoting or exploiting the image of Metro Detroit as others before have, Anymile Clothing drives for a unity and cohesion in the area as a means of erasing past stereotypes. We leverage our unique and original design language to attract and influence change in the communities we serve. Originally conceived as a platform for Michael’s expression artistically, what evolved was a brand identity and style that sought to bring together the Metro Detroit area along any walk of “Anymile”. We seek to not label ourselves as a typically “Detroit” brand but rather as a one who doesn’t care what specific neighborhood a person’s from, but rather the spectrum of where that neighborhood resides. We use the city, it’s surrounding suburbs, and our state as a whole for our motivation and vision as a company.

Know that every item you see purchased carrying the “Anymile” name is a part of that plan. Our profits and success will not be used strictly as a platform for our personal advancement up the economic ladder. As we’ve stated before and will do so again we only profit if the area we live in see’s a difference. From the word go our intention was to make a difference. That will never change and on that you have our absolute word. As a wise man once before us said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Michael and Armando
Anymile Co/Founders